Digital Conferencing System
AVTC Auto Video Tracking Controller
CE2500E Digital Conference System Extension Controller
CM1 / DU1 High Integration Digital Desktop Discussion Conference Chairman Unit
HM600H/HM600HL HM600L UHF FM True Diversity Wireless Mic with LCD
CE1200H Embedded Conference System
MC-DC120C-D The chairman/on behalf of the unit
HM500H/HM500IHL HM5002L UHF Wireless Mic with Dual LCD + Touch Screen
CE3500, MC350A, MC350B (Conference System)
CE0590MH UHF Wireless Conference System main Controller
MC1UHF,DC1UHF UHF Wireless Conference System Chairman Unit UHF Wireless Conference System Delegate Unit
CE2500A-N MC1-N/DC1-N Conference System
H0200M (Digital Conference System Controller)
H0206 - H0206A (Chairman Unit Of Digital Interpretation Conference System)
H0221 Fully Digital Conference System of Multi Function Connection Box
H0670HY Digital Conference System Interpreter Unit
H0691 (High Speed Surface Mount Camera)
HTB-HTC-VVV automatic (Popup Table Top Box: HTB-HTC )
HTB-HTC-VVV (Popup Table Top Box: HTB-HTC )
BM2000 (Cardioid Conferencing Boundary Microphone)
CE500 (Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller)
CE500E (Digital Conference System Controller)
DHC600M (Digital conference central processor)
HTB-HTC-PPP (Manual Table Top Box: HTB-HTC-PPP )
MC500C / MC500D ( Fully Digital Conference Embedded with Simultaneous Interpretation Unit)
MC150C-MC150D (The Chairman/Delegate on Behalf of the Unit)
CE1500 "Digital Conference System"
H15-TMM "LED Screen with Microphone Lifter"
Connecting Worldwide
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