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Description of VOICER G3RM (6 Zone Remote Microphone)

VOICER G-3RM is used to remote zone paging over the VOICER G-3 system, support 12 zones and 12 groups program Mablecontrol. Support the redundant cable wiring, system capacity of 32 units and communication distance up to 600 meters, thepaging microphone will be real time monitored by the system. 

Specification of VOICER G3RM (6 Zone Remote Microphone)
  • Easy intuitive and user Friendly Operation.
  • Configurable PPT paging mode and Normal Paging Mode.
  • 9 Level of Configurable priority.
  • Support 24V phantom Power Supply, No need Extra power adapter.
  • System Capacity of 32 Unit Microphone.
  • Signal transmission ensure distance up to 600 meters.
  • Redundancy loop wiring for Microphone Supervision. 
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