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Description of VOICER G3 (Class-D Digital Amplifier)
Voicer G3 is the perfect voice alarm controller. Voicer G3 is the core of voice alarm system Voicer G3 having built in 240W/500W Class -D digital amplifier. VoicerG 3 System Consist Audio digital signal processing , all required DSP Function like Mixer, Equalization, Compressor, Limiter etc. Voicer G3 is having a fully monitored reman microphone , amplifier monitoring with automatic switchover to extension or backup amplifier and loudspeaker lines monitoring. It can allow paging in the zones, group of zones and all zones with the use of Voicer G3 RM paging microphone. It has two XLR balanced music input and 4 Mic /line Input . Each channel can be control with the help of pre-fitted volume controls and Bass, treble and Master volume control The Controller meet the requirement of GB 16806-2006 standard and European voice alarm control and indicating equipment standards. The Voice Alarm Controller is having feature of automatic fault diagnosis system, data backup, ine redundancy and record fault state <= 5000 safe, stable and reliable. System compatible with three wire system and four wire system standard wiring. The system Integrated with the EN60849, BS5839/8 and EN54-16 evacuation standard. Usually used in most small system which need voice evacuation or system that only need one call channel. VoicerG3 is having SD card option for the Emergency message broadcast and the SD card is real time monitored , tested memory capacity of 32G and its very easy to store digital message in the SD card. The Message in the Wav format can be store in the card and Up to 255 Numbers can be assign to the messages. Two separate players can be used for the alert and EVAC. 6 monitored contact input making it possible to integrate the system with third party like Fire Alarm system, CCTV system etc. Voicer G3 is having emergency message pre-recorded or customized of different languages . System programming to the Zone, Support manual /automatic , district , grouping operation . The Voice alarm Controller support visual man-machine interface, Control System, Standalone working IP System will work offine after the configuration.

Specification of VOICER G3 (Class-D Digital Amplifier)
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