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Description of DVA8-500TM (Touchscreen Remote Microphone)
DVA8-500TM is a touch remote microphone work with DPA series amplifier, which is of 8 zone paging features, its communication distance up to 300 meters through straight CAT6 cable, each amplifier capacity of connection up to 8 units of remote paging microphone, these microphone are connected hand-by hand. These 8 remote paging microphones could be pre-set different priorities by its dip-switch. The remote paging microphone is direct power supplied by the amplifier.
•Digital voice evacuation system remote paging microphone.
•Each microphone of 120 zone capacity.
•System support 32 remote microphones of loop connection.
•IP based remote microphone with touch screen display. 120 zone selection buttons through touch screen and all zone/talk button.
•System indicators of AC, DC, fault, Mic status and test.
•Two RJ45 ports for connection with DVA8-500 and next remote microphone.
•One 3.5mm line input, with output volume control.
•Support PPT and normal paging two modes.
•IP based voice alarm system over LAN.
•IP based voice alarm system built-over existing LAN network.
•DC24V power supply or POE. Support Loop Connection and paging microphone failure has been supervised.
Specification of DVA8-500TM (Touchscreen Remote Microphone)
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