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Description of DVA8-500 (8 Zone Voice Evacuation System)
•Digital Voice Evacuation System all in one amplifier.
•Specifications meet the standards of BS EN54-32 & EN608409.
•HEINRICH DVA series is EN54 Approved.
•Built-in 240W & 500W 8 zone class-D amplifier.
•Integration of EVAC system, paging system, PA system & BGM system together.
•Built-in two separate players for EVAC and alert voice message by SD card.
•Built-in 8 zone AB speaker line low impedance supervision.
•Built-in amplifier auto changeover into standby when fault.
•With external amplifier input to expansion the power.
•Capacity of connection 8 units’ remote microphone.
•Red button EVAC message push to activate with priority except fireman mic.
•8 zone speaker output with separate zone volume control (ATT).
•8 zone separate indicator for EVAC, fault.
•System indicators of AC, DC, fault and indicators for EVAC, alert & fireman mic.
•Zone capacity of 120 zones by cascaded 14 unit’s routers.
•With 8 programmable control inputs and 8 programmable control outputs for EVAC system.
•With Fault, EVAC outputs and Reset input for third party system integration. With fireman microphone of highest priority.
•Priority level: fireman mic, EVAC, input 1, remote microphone, timer & BGM.
•Two combo inputs for mic/line, 8 line inputs and one rec output.
•Two RJ45 for cascade router, two RJ45 for remote microphone microphone input and two RJ45 for LAN/WAN/Internet network.
•IP network module for optional to buy.
•AC 230V and DC24V battery input. Auto Switch into the battery backup when AC fails.
•Digital voice evacuation system remote paging microphone, each microphone of 8 zone capacity.
•Zone expansion by connection with expansion unit (DVA8-500RT).
•System indicators of AC, DC, fault, Mic Status and test.
•8 inputs & mic/line selection buttons.
•8 zone selection buttons with three-colored indicators.
•Reset/Cancel, All Call & Call buttons.
•Two RJ45 ports for input and link output.
•CAT5 or CAT6 cable communication up to 600 meters.
•AC 230V and DC24V battery inputs, Built-in monitor.
•Speaker, Support network redundancy, With DIP switch to set up ID and different priorities.
Specification of DVA8-500 (8 Zone Voice Evacuation System)
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