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Description of NEP (Network Expandable Panel-NEP)
The Network Expandable Panel is main controller of Emergency Two Talk Back System, NEP is Digital Addressable Emergency Two Way Talk Back. This unit can be Customized from 6 Zones to 72 Zones based on the Project client / requirement. Control unit will have the features of built in power supply, surface mountable along with accessories, Zone selector switching circuit, terminal blocks to terminate zones wires, amplifier wires. It is cost effective and user friendly system. It is ideal choice for industrial and residential / commercial where Emergency Two Way communication is needed widely used Shopping Mall, Hospitals, Hotels, office complex, University, schools etc.

Specification of NEP (Network Expandable Panel-NEP)
• Multizone communication and Ease to operate Distance more than 700 Meter
• Zone 6 to 72 and expendable as per project
• Acoustic inside enclose to reduce extra noise integration with other system like, fire Alarm, BMS, etc.
• Fire Proof
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