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Description of HEX101 ((Explosion-proof Telephone)
The Explosion Proof Telephone is designed for voice communication in the hostile environment where reliability, efficiency and safety are of prime importance. The telephone can handle the large temperature differences found outdoors, high humidity, exposure to sea water and dust, Corrosive atmosphere, Explosive gases & particles, as well as mechanical wear and tear, making it perfect for use as an emergency telephone. The unique robust handset is manufactured from molded Bulk Molding Compound and designed specifically to withstand arduous use in all environments, armored cord to provide additional resistance to vandalism or heavy industrial use. The Explosion­proof and Weatherproof Telephones are designed for use by the chemical plant, Coal Mine, power stations, the armed services and heavy industry which require very reliable and explosion protection telephony under adverse conditions

As a standard analogue telephone, this unit provides basic telephone functions and can be connected to
any standard two­ wire telephone line, including analogue PABX lines and PSTN.
Specification of HEX101 ((Explosion-proof Telephone)
Standard Analogue or VoIP/SIP
Explosion­proof & Weatherproof Telephone
 Aluminum alloy die­casting body
Vandal resistant handset and cord
Full Keypad
Inductive coupler fifed as standard for hard of hearing
Wall mounting, simple installation
Phone line powered(Analogue)
External power supply or PoE (SIP ­VoIP)
II 2G Ex e ib mb IIC T6 Gb
II 2D Ex ib [ib] tb IIIC T80 Db
Zone 1& Zone 2
Weather proof protection to IP66­IP67
,RosH compliant 
Connecting Worldwide
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