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Description of CWS5/T Active Ceiling Speaker
The CWS5/T is an active ceiling speaker designed for guest room, clean room and classroom, which oer an high cost-eective solution.
TV, laptop or DVD player outputs could be easily fed into this speaker.
The built-in 5” speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 110-16kHz, the power output of 6W is enough for a standard guest
room. The aluminum grille, metal bae and metal back can are painted in attractive white color. Its spring clamp makes the easy and
secure installation.
It is an ideal economy choice for industrial and commercial applications in hotel, school, oce and factory where background music and
paging is needed.
Specification of CWS5/T Active Ceiling Speaker
* Built-in 6W amplifier
* In-ceiling type loudspeaker
* 5” speaker unit
* Power output 6W
* Aluminum grille, metal bae and metal back can
* Paint in white color
* Economy solution for guest room or classroom
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