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Description of HR-S Rack 19” Rack Enclosure
The EM-S equipment rack is a highly durable and exible, standard 19" enclosure for HEINRICH PAVA
processors, ampliers and power supply units.
The modular design of the rack enables exible assembly and mounting of devices according to
various project and on-site requirements.
EM-S racks are available as standard 19" enclosures with 600mm depth. The hight of the assembled
rack with equipment can very from 18U to 42U rack units (31.5 to 73.5 inches).
The rack are manufactured out of cold rolled steel (SPCC grade) has a highly sturdy, welded structure,
which provides reliable support with a static loading capacity of 500 kg.
A power coat nishing gives the rack surface a rich texture.
Adjustable casters at the bottom of the rack cabinet enable convenient relocation and installation of
the rack. The rack cabinet can be secured in place by a xing mechanism behind the casters.
The front, rear and side panels are easily removable to allow installation and wiring of equipment in
the enclosure.
Removable panels provide easy access to the equipment for maintenance for installation of the rack
in tough environments.
Vented edges at the front panel and a ventd rear door allow sucient air intake and ventilation to the
rack enclosure.
Specification of HR-S Rack 19” Rack Enclosure
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