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Description of H15 High End 15’’ Professional Loudspeaker

H15is an compact Professional Audio and 2-way Loudspeaker which was developed tobe permanently installed for sound reinforcement in halls, theaters, concertvenues and auditoriums. This speaker was designed to be a powerful tool in thehands of a discerning operator. The excellent transmission capacity, wide coverageof speech and music and the attractive design make this speaker the numbers onechoice for the professional user

Thelowly tuned bass reflex design allows for a voluminous and power rendition. Thepowerful 1.4’’ neodyme driver reproduces the upper range precisely and silky verylow bass frequencies are being reproduced without deranging ambient noise enclosedcabinet with reliable 2-way technology for professional user. A liner frequencyand phase response and very low distortion. Even at high sound pressure levelsare the distinguishing marks of the H8. The product not only exhibits excellentspeech intelligibility but also a natural broad band music rendition. Althoughit presently is the most powerful speaker in this compact class it still goes withoutelectronical assistance by controller technology wherever small dimensions,high -quality sound and highest performance is needed the H15 defines state ofthe art technology it easily outdoes some active and controller operatedspeakers of the same class at the most important features

Onlyhigh-class components are being used as for example the especially powerful15’’ driver with long cone displacement and aluminum voice coil in neodymetechnology, which exhibits a linear membrane displacement and highestefficiency. The 2-way bass reflex construction together with theruntime-corrected and exactly aligned transducer assembly result in an exactsignal reproduction. Protective electronic circuits allow for highestoperational safety and performance momentary peaks up to 1.4KW (AES peak)  do not pose a problem for the H15

Therugged water-based texture finish and the professional configuration make theoptimal sound tool. The practically applicable nominal impedance of 12ohmsallows for the operation of up to speaker together with any professionalamplifier 
Specification of H15 High End 15’’ Professional Loudspeaker




Frequency Response


Rated Power

500W/1.5KW program



Sound Pressure Level SPL

135dB (Peak)

Cover Range



2.95"Compressed treble unit x 1


15" x 1 Bass


660 x 435 x 430 mm



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