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Description of DAP2IN6OUT (Audio Processor)
  • 96KHZ sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A / D and D / A conversion.
  • Many types of specifications for option: 2 inputs 4 outputs, 2 inputs 6 outputs, 2 inputs 8 outputs.,3 inputs 6 outputs, 4 inputs 6 outputs, 4 inputs 8 outputs, Flexible combination of multiple crossover mode, the high and low-pass crossover frequency can reach 20Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Each input and output sections has 6 independent parametric EQ, adjustable gain range up to 20dB, while balancing the output channels can also choose Lo-shelf or Hi-shelf.
  • Each input and output has delay and phase control and mute setting, the longest delay is 1000ms, selectable there are three delay for option: milliseconds (ms), meters (m) and feet (ft).
  • Input channel can adjust the noise gate
  • Output channels can also control the gain, limiter and select the input channel signal , and it can invoke all
  • the associated parameters from one channel to another channel and realize linkage control.
  • Functional set with the function keys and puller of panel directly or connecting a computer to control by PC control software. Very convenient, intuitive and simple.
  • Press "SYSTEM" key on front panel to set a password to lock the panel controls, in order to protect the machine settings from cluttered by non-staff.
  • With USB, WIFI, RS485 and internet to connect PC, can be connected via WIFI, can be remote controlled via internet.
  • To control matrix and channel mute when connecting center control device via USB interface or channel RS485 interface.

  • Be able to lock according to function to realize data confidentiality.
  • Machine can store 30 user programs
Specification of DAP2IN6OUT (Audio Processor)
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