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Description of COLUMN LOUDSPEAKERS (OCM-100)

HEINRICH OCM100 rang Line Array Speakers come with suchsound enhancing benefits as clear sound, excellent directionality of focus onthe listening area, and transmission of clear, even sound over a distance, thanks to a low degree of so und attenuation. These speakers are well-suited formedium -sized mainly speech applications where clear, uniformly dispersed soundthat is audible at a distance is essential, such as conference centres, housesof worship and railway stations, or venues with highly reflective interiorsurfaces. The line array speakers work to pro vi de high-quality sound evenwhen an equalizer is not used. The speaker units come in a slim,energy-efficient and cost-effective design, with a bod y that is narrower thanearlier

versions, so they are well -suited to a wide range of venueindoor & outdo or. best application in

class rooms, airport, railways and large open area with indoorand out do or applications,

HEINRICHO CM100 Column line array speaker have polypropylenedrives

Specification of COLUMN LOUDSPEAKERS (OCM-100)

HEINRICH OCM 100 is EN54 Complied

4” Line Array Speaker System

Indoor & outdoor professional installation loudspeakers

Enhanced directional focus and even sound coverage

Ideal for conference room, worship area, Airport and

railway stations

Power handling from 100 watts to 240 watts

Rated impedance of 8 Ohms.

100V/70V matching transformer optional (OCM-100)

4 units of 4” special strengthened driver unit and one tweeter

Waterproof removable speak on input connector

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