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Description of BGE315 (Stero 31 Bands Graphic Equalizer)
  • Music Type Excellent 31 stereo graphic equalizer, professional level 31 stereo graphic equalizer, which suit for studio recording and performances.
  • the KHz of the Mono subwoofer output can be adjusted.
  • Each channel can be switched on high cut and low cut filter which can remove the noise, such as local noise and tape hiss.
  • Composed of 12 lads of input and output level display which is very accurate, coupled with the input gain control, it can enable you to control level appropriately. 
  • Operational amplifier with Very low noise can make the tone sound beautiful.
  • Equipped with gilded XLR and stereo 6.3mm socket servo balanced input and output port.
  • Shielding ring core power transformer can minimize noise.
  • High quality components and strong structure.
Specification of BGE315 (Stero 31 Bands Graphic Equalizer)
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