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Description of HD-25T 6" Active Wall Mount Speaker (White in Pair, 2×25W)
The Heinrich HD-25T , 20W , 6” woofer HEINRICH all speakers support EASE, CATT, ULYSSES models for acoustic studies.
This means the acoustic model can be designed to simulate the sound quality and distribution prior to installation All
HEINRICH loudspeaker have undergone trogh testing procedure to ensure that all products compliance with LOW
VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (BS EN 60065, 2003) and EMC (BS EN 61000-6-Part 1/2/3/4).
The HD-25T is a 5” stereo loudspeaker set that consists of a passive loudspeaker and an active loudspeaker. It is
ideal choice for AV applications such as meeting room, multi-media class room for small presentations. The active
loudspeaker package is designed with volume and tone controls, accurate clip indicators and built-in a stereo
ampliers. The rated power output is 20W at 8ohms system.ABS cabinet, metal grille and metal mounting bracket
are of black nish, the easy mounting bracket is supplied in the packaging.
Specification of HD-25T 6" Active Wall Mount Speaker (White in Pair, 2×25W)
• Powered speaker with amplifier for colam AB amplifier
• Two way speaker system, 6'' woofer and 1.5'' tweeter
• Ideal for school, hospital, meeting room projector and laptop use
• First-level Hi-fi sound quality
• Input support laptop, Ipod, Iphone and microphones
• 25 watts stereo at 8ohms output
• Mounting bracket is supplied
• RS232 control port and remote control could be customized if order quantity is attractive, default specification not include this feature.
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