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Description of OP1 (Industrial Emergency Intercom Panel)
The T-6731 is a professional IP Network Intercom Terminal with explosion-proof and call functions, it is widely used for power plant, dam, steelworks, mining plant such extreme environments, it also can be used for broadcasting and playing the background music.
Specification of OP1 (Industrial Emergency Intercom Panel)
  • Built-in one channel network hardware audio decoding module that supports TCP / IP, UDP, IGMP, could transmit 16 bits stereo audio signal; 
  • Built-in voice intercom module, with high-performance DSP audio processor, support digital echo cancellation and audio compression.
  • Metal case with thickness up to 5MM ,
  • Built-in digital function buttons , one button to paging to any terminal, end call, full-duplex intercom, hands-free dialing, simple and quick operation; Built-in buzzer to remind when calls come; with microphone handle to answer the call; 
  • Built-in 30W digital amplifier, suitable for long-distance paging, public address, background music ; 
  • One short circuit input and one short circuit output; input is used for the signal and data correcting, the output is for monitor video linkage.
  • waterproof and dust-proof Embedded PC technology, built-in DSP and high speed industrial chip to ensure start time less than 1 second.
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