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Description of NAP1 (IP Network Audio decoder)

The IP public address system network audio Pre-Amplifier with decoder is the main equipment of the IP network PA system. It is built-in decoder which can decode the network audio signal into analog to feed in analog amplifier. The IP public address (PA) system key equipment to set up the IP PA sound system, it is convenient to set up sound over network system as one IP decoder, moreover it is also very useful to upgrade the traditional public address system into digital IP public address system by only add this IP network audio adapter and keep the existing PA system amplifier and loudspeakers.
Specification of NAP1 (IP Network Audio decoder)
  • The IP network audio adapter with decoder is the head of IP PA system.
  • The IP network audio adapter with decoder can work with universal PA 100 volt amplifier and speakers. 
  • It is high capacity but cost-effective multiple room network sound system.
  • The system could be set up over existing network, non dedicated network is needed.
  • System capacity of more than 500 adapters online simultaneously.
  • Capacity of control power amplifier 1000W.
  • Support LAN/WAN and Internet network.
  • Network data delay of less than 10 milliseconds.
  • Program controllable power supply of AC 230V or 110V.
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