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Description of EVAC 32 IP Network Fire alarm Panel (32 zone)
  • Interface between fire alarm and IP network audio system. 
  • Automatically broadcast the pre-recorded voice alarm message once triggered by the closed contact from the fire alarm center. 
  • Different zone trigger could be assigned with different voice messages. 
  • The multiple pre-recorded voice messages are stored in the server or controller. 
  • The fire alarm center send the fire alarm closed contact to this fire alarm panel, which will com-municate with the server through the LAN RJ45 port, the server will give command to generate Which pre-set voice message to be broadcasted to which speaker zone output. 
  • One fire alarm panel support 32 speaker zones. The fire alarm panel capable for both IP network PA and intercom system. 
  • Each IP network audio system support more than 200 units working together for more than 6,400 speaker zones. 
  • The fire alarm panel could be built-up over existing LAN/WAN network, non-dedicated network is needed. 

Specification of EVAC 32 IP Network Fire alarm Panel (32 zone)
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