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Description of EOL-10K (End-Of-Line Terminator and Line Blocking Capacitor Kit)
The EOL-10K is a close tolerance, high stability "End-Of-Line" power resistor, for use with the "DC line monitoring" feature integral to the LSZDC and LSDDC interface cards. The LBC2W to LBC63W are suitably rated line blocking capacitor kits for fitting to each loudspeaker on the line. These are required for DC loudspeaker line monitoring. The EOL10K and CMS/PBC/PH/PS products are intended for installation into third party loudspeaker enclosures or "junction boxes” and are therefore supplied as small radial leaded devices for ease of installation. Alternatively, many loudspeaker suppliers will fit CMS/PBC/PH/PS etc. as part of the original equipment supply. For further details please refer to the EOL10K / LBC2W to LBC63W product manual, the Amplifier Mainframe manual, and the Application Solutions PA/VA Systems Design Handbook.
Specification of EOL-10K (End-Of-Line Terminator and Line Blocking Capacitor Kit)
  • 3-Watt 10K 1% 20PPM drift per degree centigrade
  • 10% 250V DC polyester capacitors
  • EN 55103-1 Environment E1, EN 55103-2 Environment E5
  • EN 60065 Failure to use the equipment in the manner described in the
  • product literature will invalidate the warranty. A ‘Declaration of
  • Conformity’ statement to the above standards, and a list of auxiliary
  • equipment used for compliance verification, is available on request.
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