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Description of Digital Active Line Array Loud Speaker
EN54 is the power supply unit for DAL and its task is to power and distribute the audio signal to all the speakers of the system.

The audio signal, for example, from a mixer output is connected to EN54ALL-ONE, which processes the signal using the technology
named ONE. This technology combines the power to the audio signal, in a composite signal named enmux, now capable of being
transported through a common 2-wire cable to a group of speakers. This is P.o.S. POWER over SIGNAL

The EN54 power module consists of an AC-DC switching 600W with output voltage to the loudspeakers at 43Vdc, specially filtered.

EN54 audio signal management consists of a digital module that simultaneously monitors the power supply and provides to transform
the low frequency signal in enmux signal suitable to be routed (with power supply) to the output via the transformeradapter.

EN54 devices are housed in a 2U standard rack with XLR connections for audio input, and euro-block for output to the speakers.
Specification of Digital Active Line Array Loud Speaker
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