listed In - Public Address Systems
Description of MC-DC120C-D The chairman/on behalf of the unit

Microphone embedded installation.
Using a new numerical control design.
Microphone have to speak a single bond and lamp, can speak state control/instructions
Single directional microphones, high sensitivity, with the function of preventing gas explosion sound.
Chairman of the unit has the priority to speak control key, can start the system prompt remind to attend the
researchers note that permanent can be set to terminate or suspend terminate all speak on behalf of the unit of a
Chairman in the system unit quantity not restricted, and may be placed on a loop in any position
The host power supply unit by the system, the input voltage 18 v, belongs to the scope of security Unit 8 core type
"T" line connection
Attachment: "T" type cables, windproof sponge head
Specification of MC-DC120C-D The chairman/on behalf of the unit
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