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Description of H0691 (High Speed Surface Mount Camera)
H0691 is a high-speed present ceiling dome camera, used together with camera tracking controller and matrix controller to achieve the control camera tracking. It has the function of automatic cruise monitoring. It can realize horizontal 360 continuous rotation to monitor the whole site, no surveillance blind spots; It Adopts all-weather protective cover with built-in automatic thermostat and high-strength aluminium alloy casting on the double cover. It's high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant. It has fast installation interface with hot swap function which is convenient for working at heights.

Specification of H0691 (High Speed Surface Mount Camera)
  • Integrated multi protocols, baud rate optional, multi-cameras self-adaptation and standard RS-485 control.
  • 6 roads programmable tour check, 128 pre-points, with self-learning function.
  • 360 ° continuous rotation, the max speed 300 ° /s.
  • 180 ° Auto ip vertically continuous monitoring.
  • Auto iris, auto aggregation, automatic white balance
  • Backlight compensation function in the background of a strong light source can clearly see objects
  • 4 roads alarm input and one road alarm output.
  • OSD display English menu, pre-point title and camera address, etc. Displayable.
  • Adopt AC24V power and line lock available.
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