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Description of H0200M (Digital Conference System Controller)
  • Support digital audio transmission technology, simultaneous interpretation channel number 31 + 1, speech separation technology.

  • Super extensions function: system microphone capacity of 4096, hand in hand connection, support hot swapping.

  • Totally 4 channel meeting unit output interface with output circuit indicator light. When the circuit is normal LED lights flashing, LED lights turn o when the circuit disconnected.

  • Four microphone management mode: FIFO/NORMAL/VOICE (acoustic)/APPLY.

  • Speech microphone quantity and time selector: 1, 2, 4 & 8 chairman units are free of control.

  • The conference controller using TCP/IP protocol to match with computer, and via Ethernet interface connection host computer to achieve remote control.

  • Access to the wireless network, matched with wireless touch screen, android computer and phone to control.

  • To support a camera to achieve the camera tracking, to match with camera tracking host to multi-channel video automatic tracking function.

  • The fire alarm trigger interface to provide re alarm information.

  • Support output 22 channels analogue audio signal, for the use of infrared transmission system or recording.

  • With the mobile phone module, to send text messages to the participants.

  • The host with optical fibre interface, ensure long distance transmission quality without attenuation. It can realize two remote conference rooms into a conference room.

  • To realize the extension system, and can cascade, central control system of closely connection.

  • Resistance to radio frequency interference (such as mobile phone), the microphone EQ can adjust independent.

  • Host backup system for double-machine, can achieve check-in function when it disconnected with computer.

  • Support the Cobra Net protocol.

Specification of H0200M (Digital Conference System Controller)
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