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Description of DHC600M (Digital conference central processor)
DHC 600M series Network digital conference system, it break through the traditional conference system defect which adopted the 8-pin cable hand in hand transmission mode. DHC 600M adopted modern digital mainstream connection method: RJ45 cable interface, adopts originally imported high Performance CPU processor, fully digital signal processing can effectively enhance the whole system of Anti- interference ability, communication stability and confidentiality, the system adopted encryption intelligence digital control technology. Connected with computer support USB interface, TCP/IP internet interface, Wi-Fi LAN and RS232 serial port control such multiple selection. Software supports venue layout, online testing, venue microphone ON/OFF control and adjust the Volume. The new generation multifunctional digital video tracking conference system of it can divorced from the computer operation.

Specification of DHC600M (Digital conference central processor)
  • 3.5 inches English operation interface, working by DC24V safety voltage , ensure the user personal safety (The human electric shock voltage is 36V), low energy consumption, high-security, environment protecting.
  • Five channels RJ45 network system unit interface, 5 channels main output port and 5 channels backup input port respectively.
  • Connect the microphone adopted CAT 5 (6 or 7 is ok) Cable RJ45 crystal rock, effectively resistance the interference and more      reliable to transmission.
  • The system unit adopted loop circuit connection ( output and 1 backup input) even the middle connect wire breakdown will not      result in a system crash and failure, ensure the system can efficiently use normally.
  • The system can mounting 150 units, each channel loading 30 units
  • Supports multiple hosts cascade extended mount 2550 units , for meeting at the same time. 
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