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Description of CE2500A-N MC1-N/DC1-N Conference System

Intelligentconference system CE2500A-N host is a special unit with a trumpet host,suitable for small meetings and

discussions.It has control meeting and discuss all the required functions. Its sound ispure, suitable for government,

restaurants,conference rooms, training and education, the board of directors of the companymeeting room, and

smallconference room inside the parliament.

Specification of CE2500A-N MC1-N/DC1-N Conference System

If necessary, host connection good external audio input,microphone for conference amplifying and background

music. By connecting to a host of phone coupler, representativecan be remotely by phone to attend the meeting.

Can also be connected to the tape recorder to meeting some of thepart or the whole process of recording.

This Mic built-in speakers (speaker unit) and has the headphoneslistening function.

30Second auto o_ microphone.

Receiver with no noise light touch switch.

The base of the receiver unit using high quality zinc alloy,e_ectively prevent interference that minimize the system


Perunit can use the built-in microphone volume knob to adjust the volume ofmicrophone speakers and headphones.

Receiverhas to speak a single bond with blue LED light, can control and display themicrophone working condition.

Receiverunit power supply by a central controller, the input voltage DC13V, belongs tothe safety of power supply.

Chairmanof the unit with a key priority, may at any time to close all attend on behalfof the unit. Chairman unit

numberis not restricted, and may be placed on a circuit at any position.

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