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Description of CE1200H Embedded Conference System
  • CE1200H series of portable embedded conference system is designed to function room only need the congress system,
    meeting with basic function, with small and light, installation is simple to use. System including control host, chairman of
    the meeting, guest conference units and on-demand matching the peripheral equipment, parts through the T connection
    cable connection. Each meeting unit has the microphone open closed, speech indicator function. This system conguration
    is simple and can satisfy the needs of all kinds of large, medium and small conference, at the same time considering the
    demands of customers higher future, only increase the corresponding peripheral equipment and software, this system can
    be upgraded to discuss video tracking meeting system
Specification of CE1200H Embedded Conference System

  • With four groups of 8 p - DIN sockets: used in the system of multi-channel meeting unit connection, 60 group meeting
  • unit, standard conguration can be connected with the load and short circuit protection function.
  • Equipped with a microphone to speak at the same time the number of limit function. In this control host has a "1",
  • "2", "3", "ve" limit speech and "FREE" (full open) FREE speech several meeting mode selection. When choosing a
  • microphone is open, can be applied to vies to answer rst. The chairman unit open is not restricted by a number of
  • the microphone.
  • System has a high, medium and low tone adjustment function, the receiver output volume adjustment functions.
  • Built-in video interface, can be connected by the central processing unit (CPU) and which has the function of video
  • image locating and tracking unit which can realize video tracking function.
  • As a phone coupler output and input ports, support functions of remote conference call.
  • 3 set of audio signal output terminal, can be external or sound recording equipment.
  • It can be installed level on the desktop or in the 19-inch standard rack.
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