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Description of CE0590MH UHF Wireless Conference System main Controller

Using FM to achieve Voice signal transmission, high fidelity high signal-to-noise ratio, no voice delay.

Audio channel and control channel are all transmitted by wireless way, no need laying cable.

Unique data communication algorithm, within the scope of signal, the response speed of the host is not affected by speech unit number,maximum speech unit capacity is 255.

Supports three conference management mode: rotation mode,restrict mode and chairman mode.

With a RS - 485 communication port can connect camera tracking host HS/0690 to achieve the function of the meeting speech unit visual tracking.

Panel display speech unit working state, and the unit output volume is adjustable.

Can be installed into 19-inch standard rack.

Capability of doing fault diagnosis  

Specification of CE0590MH UHF Wireless Conference System main Controller
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