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Description of Nurse Call System Controllers NH-CU8 ,NH-CU16, NH-CU24, NH-CU60
• Nurse Call System with 8, 16, 24 & 60 case slots.
• Highly integrated aluminum alloy shell with hanger holl.
• Master Station and display panel display the numbers of bed  (2 groups of 3 digit) and room, When there is no calling  happen, display current time and date.
• Unique Talk function, Break the strain of distance.
• Can work with 152 call buttons at the same time.
• With Medical case slots and indicator lights.
• Smart Troubleshooting. (If a fault or problem occurred, the receiver will warn and auto  self-checking to lowest the maintenance cost).
• Each Master unit can control up to 50 units door lamps.
• One unit master can connect several  units  corridor display panel.
• When there are many calling happen at the same time, The master station will display the number of current speak   call button, If not speak, the master station will keep display every calling number take turn every 3 seconds, also  it makes sound.
• Master station network: It has local network manegment function, one unit of top master station can  connect to 20 units other master stations to manage different calls from different buildings & floors.
• Self-test: The system has self-testing function, Which can both detect and show detailed mistake code   of system break down.
• Function Set: All the functions can be set from the master machine.
• Calling Memory: If the calling is not answered from nurse, the information will be saved in the nurse machine  and keep display until replacement.

Specification of Nurse Call System Controllers NH-CU8 ,NH-CU16, NH-CU24, NH-CU60
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