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Description of Smart Addressable Emergency Luminaire

A smart Safety Lighting Systems with inbuilt monitoring and testing ” HEINRICH is the new range of escapesigns utilizing latest LED technology. The efficiency and the contemporary styling produce an exit sign suitablefor vast range of applications. HEINRICH comes in various models like addressable or non-addressable, with orwithout built in self test feature, with single or double sided display and with different types of mountingassembly making it a highly comprehensive and versatile product range that flexibly matches with any userpreference and user constraints imposed by required network of Luminaire, installation site conditions, scale ofinstallation and available budget. HEINRICH is made in accordance with standard guidelines of EN1838. LightGuide technology transforms the high points of light of an LED light in a completely homogenous area. All thiswith power consumption less than 70% compared to Luminaire with fluorescent lamps. HEINRICH has beendesigned to ensure quick and simple installation, operation and system re-configuration throughout the lifeof the building management System extensions and changes can easily be incorporated without expensivere-programming charges.

Specification of Smart Addressable Emergency Luminaire
  • In-built security for authorized admin access 
  • Supports maintained / Non- maintained LED Luminaire 
  • Smart current charger 
  • Performs pre-configured self tests to determine the health of Luminaire elements such as battery, charger and lamp 
  • Multi-drop serial communication via master controller switch to global network 
  • One year test reports are logged in the on Luminaire storage 
  • HEINRICH can be used as a standalone system or can be networked, with up to 60 panels being linked 
  • Web based GUI
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