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Description of 5" Outdoor Wall Mount Speaker (30W)
Outdoor wall mount speaker or weather proof box speaker. Ideal for outdoor BGM & paging sound system in school, oce & hotel.
Rated power output 30W at 100V. With line transformer support 100V & 70V input. 5" full range kelvin waterproof driver unit. Compact
size with powerful sound output. IP55 waterproof rate for full outdoor BGM and paging PA system use. Waterproof nish of full sealed
cabinet & speaker terminal of protective cover. Aluminium enclosure, grille and stainless mounting bracket in black. Quick installation
with opening angle < 90 x 80 degree by supplied stainless mounting bracket.All HEINRICH loudspeaker has undergone through
testing procedure to ensure that all products compliance with LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (BS EN 60065, 2003)
and EMC (BS EN 61000-6-Part 1/2/3/4).
Specification of 5" Outdoor Wall Mount Speaker (30W)
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