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Description of VOICER-RM Voice Evacuation System Remote Paging Microphone
The digital voice evacuation system remote paging microphone is the main equipment of the voice evacuation or
EVAC system. Its control capacity up to 10 zones, with 4 tone pre-announcement chime. The built-in LED will display
the working status and zone number. Each EVAC amplier can connect up to 8 remote paging consoles. The remote
paging microphone is powered by DC24V with easy 2 wire connection. 8 zone selection buttons for easy and user
friendly operation.
Specification of VOICER-RM Voice Evacuation System Remote Paging Microphone

  • 10 zone control buttons and indicators.
  • English LED for setting loops/groups.
  • Two-wire digital can connect up to 8 units.
  • Can controlling up to 50 zones.
  • Compress function through microphone input to avoid distortion.
  • Prelude/Postlude of four tone chime.
  • Auxiliary input which supply local background music.
  • Power Requirements: 24V DC 150mA.
  • Auxiliary input: -22dBV, 47K (Unbalanced).
  • Cable: Use 1.25mm² x 2C aluminum shielded twisted pair cable Transmission distance 0.8 km.
  • Cable Impedance: Under 8
  • The longest distance: 0.8 km.
  • Dimension: 165(L)x225(W)x90(H) cm.
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