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Description of IP Network Audio Adapter
The NAP4 is a papular  used model for IP/TCP network audio system solution.
it is used to transmit program from internet to amplifier and loudspeakers. So
the nonnal connection way as below: Control port by RJ45 connector to LAN
switch and analog outputs to amplifiers.
The IP network audio adapter is of 19 rack mount design, so it is usually The
biggest advantages of the network audio system are: Super distance audio
transmission, simultaneous maximum program task and non-dedicated
network wiring installed in the control room
together with high watts power amplifier for a bigger sized application. This
LAN network technology also allow this amplifier could be installed in each
floor local terminal area, thus the cable wiring cost could be saved.


•    19 rack mount TCP/IP network audio adapter in 2U height
•    Built-in single channel TCP/IP decoder
•    Decode digital audio data to analog amplifier
•    Hearl  of  IP background music, zone paging & voice alarm system
•    Built-in 3.4 inch LCD screen display the IP address and status in English
•    Supplied a remote control over music selection, IP address change and
       Volume   attenuation
•    A serial IP address write in communication pan
•    Numeric keys on front panel for convenient operation
•    4 channel line outputs to amplifiers
•    4 channel 100V speaker inputs loop and 4 channel 3 wired volume control

Specification of IP Network Audio Adapter
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