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Description of IP-INT100 (IP Network Outdoor Intercom Station)
√  Ideal solution for outdoor or indoor two-way communication system in noisy, dusty, high temp and acid or alkaline environment.
√  IP network intercom system very suitable for big scale installation system whether by CAT5 cable or fibre optical cable.
√  Aluminium finish with damage proof screw fixing up.
√  Aluminium finish with damage proof screw fixing up.
√  Both surface or embedded mounting ways with supplied mounting box.
√  Classic range high quality IP intercom panel.
√  Intercom panel built-in speaker and microphone.
√  Full duplex two-way communication system.
√  It can start the communication to the call station by pressing the call button, the call station will be reminded with ring call and indicator as which intercom pane l from where is calling. The call will be automatically transferred to next call station.
√  once busy, no answer or fault occurred.
√  With one contact output and contact input for third party communication.
√  Non-dedicated network is needed, the system could be easily built-up over exiting LAN/WAN network.
√  Embedded server Linux technology with two ARM and DSP high speech chip.
√  Max support 64,000 call stations working at the same time.
√  Start time less than 0.1 second, and network data delay of less than 100 milliseconds.
√  Waterproof rate of IP66.
√  It is powered by DC12V, the power adapter is included.

Specification of IP-INT100 (IP Network Outdoor Intercom Station)
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