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Description of Four channel IP Network Audio Adapter
The NAP4S is a compact four zone IP/TCP network audio system solution, which is integrated
four separated network audio adapters into a chassis, each network audio adapter is of
different IP address from others, thus different program could be designated to different zones
at the same time. It is used to transmit program from internet to four amplifiers and 4 zone
loudspeakers. So the normal connection way us below: LAN Control port by RJ45 connector to
LAN switch, Local four zone aux inputs from four separate sound players, aux output to the
zone amplifier line input, the zone amplifier 100V speaker output to each Channel input (Com
& Input Hot end), the four channel outputs are designed to connect with three wired volume
control then to loudspeakers (Com, EMC and Hot).The serial port is used only for write or
change the IP address.The redundancy RJ45 port is only conneded for LAN switch backup use
or two units cascaded use.The IP network audio adapter is of 19 rack mount design, so it doud
be installed in any where of the non-dedicated network. It is high economy to matching with
HEINRICH series analog or Class-D two ranges four channel power amplifier for a four zone
application. This LAN network technology also allow this amplifier could be installed in each
floor or local terminal area, thus the cable wiring cost could be saved.

The biggest advantages of the network audio system are: Super distance audio transmission,
simultaneous maximum program task and non-dedicated network wiring.


•    19 ruck mount IP/TCP network audio adapter in 2U height
•    Built-in four zone TCP/IP decoders
•    Decode digital audio data to analog amplifier different program to different zones simultaneously
•    Heart of IP background music, zone paging & voice alarm system
•    LocaI aux input for each zone
•    Aux output to amplifier, 100V speaker loop input and outputs to 3 wire volume control are provided for each zone
•    One all zone mic input and One all zone aux input with optional priority setting
•    One communication control port and one redundancy port both by RJ45 type
•    Four program control power Sockets for each zone's amplifier and two program control power sockets for external equipments.
•    Automatically power off when no input for 5 minutes and automatically power on when signal feed into.
•    Dual colored zone indicator and zone on/off button, indicator in red means voice alarm and in orange means Mic1 and all zone Aux priority input, in green means network program or local aux input.
•    Four reserved serial port for write in and change IP address use only.

Specification of Four channel IP Network Audio Adapter
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