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Description of SFS Stereo Feedback Suppressor
Specification of SFS Stereo Feedback Suppressor

*Adopt Taiwan imports DSP processors, 24 bits digital signal processing and 24 bits the AD/DA converter, support to 96 KHz sampling rate, make the machine with high delity, big dynamic
sound eects.
* Direct/screaming inhibited conversion switch. Make the sound system'operation is more convenient by adopting a key control even without using the feedback suppressor.
* 0 dB/-12 dB switch gain, able to signal source for-12 dB attenuation to adapt to dierent audio input.
* High frequency adjustment, make the frequency band is more suitable for microphone signal input.
* 4 period of parameters PEQ balance control, according to dierent environment on the adjustment, to achieve better sound eect.
* Pressure limit function can make the signal input in the dynamic situation can still keep high delity signal output.
* Adjustable noise door, can eectively reduce the noise source from the power amplier output.
* Can manual preset 12 possible screaming frequencies and storage.
* Can fast-automatically search and inhibit screaming frequency memory.
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