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Description of EVNISION-8 Programmable Audio
ENVISION Home Media Player, is a leading edge technology
for home, office or shop applications where High Fidelity Music along with High Quality Video is the
The programming capability, high delity stereo output and the capability to equalize the system makes
ENVISION the choice for qualityAV media with style.
Specification of EVNISION-8 Programmable Audio
  • Setting music to be played at specific zones / areas with time stamp.
  • Ability to Stop / Start / Resume Music to any zone and up to 8 stereo zones.
  • Two Video channels can be connected to the system
  • and played from the DVD player, with the ability to route the audio to the same zone or dierent zones at the same time.
  • Up to 4 music channels, DVD, USB (MP3), AM/FM and
  • AUX (Satellite or iPod) can be played to dierent zones at the same time.
  • Each zone shall be equipped with URC (Universal
  • Remote Control) with capability to adjust Volume, select the Music Source,
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