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Description of HPA480 Public Address System Power Amplifier

The range of power amplifiers aredesigned for general commercial and industrial public address applications.Rack

mount design in 2U type, rated powerof 480W, which provides a wide selection to meet different size sound system

needs. Both balanced and unbalancedline inputs make it selectable for installer, balanced line output feeds toanother

power amplifier as well as securesthe signal transmission is less noise and longer distance. 70V, 100V and4-16ohm

speaker outputs are convenient forinstallation when selection different speaker matching. A master volume control

is included. Complete protection includesclip, short circuit, high temp and overload. Indicators for power, signal,clip,

protection and temp.


Specification of HPA480 Public Address System Power Amplifier


  • Rack mount PA 100 Volt amplifier in 2U type
  • Rated power of 480W.
  • 70V, 100V and 4-16 ohm speaker outputs
  • Isolated transformer for human safety operation
  • Balanced XLR type line input and unbalanced phone jack line input
  • Balanced XLR type line output feeds to another power amplifier
  • Reliable protection of over heat, over load, clip & short circuit
  • Indications for power, signal, clip, protection and temp
  • DC 24V power supply backup input at request.


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