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Description of HA2120P Two Channel 120W Power Amplifier
The range of public address system or PA system two channel power ampliers are designed for general commercial
and industrial public address applications. Rack mount design in 2U type, rated power of 2×120W by two channels,
which provides a wide selection to meet dierent size sound system needs. Two unbalanced line inputs could direct
input from audio sources or from pre amplier & mixer. 70V, 100V and 4-16ohm speaker by two channel separate
outputs are convenient for installation when selection dierent speaker matching, also could be taken as two
separate zone for individual control. Two channel separate volume controls are included. Complete protection
includes clip, short circuit, high temp and overload. Indicators for power, signal, clip, protection and temp.
Specification of HA2120P Two Channel 120W Power Amplifier

  • Rack mount PA 100 Volt two channel power amplier in 2U type
  • Rated power of 2×120W for dual zone public address system.
  • 70V, 100V and 4-16 ohm two channel separate speaker outputs
  • Isolated transformer for human safety operation
  • Unbalanced two channel line inputs by RCA type.
  • Reliable protection of over heat, over load, clip & short circuit
  • Indications for power, signal, clip, protection and temp
  • DC 24V power supply backup input at request
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