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Description of DPA2350N Class-D Two Channel 350W Power Amplifier


  • Public address (PA) table top mixer power amplifier.

  • Commercial & industrial range BGM & paging amplifier.
  • Mixer amplifier with Mp3 player by USB input.
  • Rated outputs of 240W.
  • 70V, 100V and low impedance 4-16 ohms speaker outputs.
  • 3 microphone inputs and 2 line inputs.
  • Mic1 on front panel by phone jack, mic2-3 on rear panel by phone jack.
  • Line 1-2 inputs on rear panel by RCA.
  • Microphone1 of VOX features of highest input priority.
  • Microphone1-3 & Line1-2 inputs volume control on front panel with bass and treble tone control.
  • Power and output level meters.
  • Over load, short circuit and high temp protection.
  • With natural cooling fan to control the internal temperature.
Specification of DPA2350N Class-D Two Channel 350W Power Amplifier

TheDPA range digital class-D power amplifier is of switching power technology,which features of minimum power

consumptionand much higher efficiency up to 85%, moreover it helps to save installationrack space, generate less

heatso as to extend its performance life span as a result.

TheDPA2350N is of rated power output at 2×350W, so it could be used as two zonemultiple sources public address

systemat minimum cost. The versatile loudspeaker outputs of both high impedance 100V& low impedance

4-16ohmsenable it meet both PA fixed installation and Hi-_ stereo sound installationjobs.

Thereare two balanced inputs by phoenix connector for each channel with gaincontrol. Two separate zone speaker

outputsboth by 100V & 4-16ohms. The built-in two channel separate high-pass filterscould be enabled or disabled

throughthe dip switch pre-setting.

Automaticstandby enable after no detection of signal input for one minute, immediatelywake up at sight of any

input.Visual working status indicators include protection, clip, input and output foreasy supervision. With complete

shortcircuit, overload, high temp, clip and DC protection.

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