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Description of GRMS
Who we are

HEINRICH UK (London) has an enviable track record of over 800 major installations in the Middle East Europe
and India.
The HEINRICH brand name is synonymous with quality and is backed with the assurance of responsibility and
rapid response–essential in building a strong relationship with our customers.
Operating from four oces, our engineers constantly strive for excellence and outstanding performance.By
maintaining its headquarters in UK, with support oces in Hong Kong ,Dubai ,North Amrica and India,
HEINRICH UK is guaranteed to remain closer to the end user.
We deliver high-end mass notication systems, background music & professional audio systems, and audiovisual
& automation systems that guarantee security and protection backed by high-delity sound to provide an
unbeatable combination of comfort and peace of mind.
HEINRICH products are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards. All products shipped from
HEINRICH are supplied with 2-year limited warranty.

Specification of GRMS
Guest Room Management Systems

HEINRICH Guest Room Management Systems are geared towards bringing control to the user by integrating devices
operating on multiple protocols on a single platform.
HEINRICH automation systems break through barriers in communication and installation restrictions to provide seamless
control and monitoring of electrical devices and household appliances.
All products from HEINRICH Guest Room Management Systems are built on the KNX protocol for applications as diverse
as energy management; lighting control; blind and shutter control; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control;
security and safety; operation and visualization; and automation and remote access. All these functions can be controlled,
monitored and signaled via a uniform system without the need for extra control centers.
The performance and operation of all systems can be visualized on touch screen panels for regular monitoring and control.
This is relevant to address the critical need in today’s society to switch to energy ecient and environmentally friendly
HEINRICH automation systems are designed for minimal energy wastage though continuous tracking of power consumption
and usage patterns, creating awareness among users to conserve energy.
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